Why 8 vintage?
Because Carlos and Amai met for the first time on March 8th. Besides sharing their passion for yakisoba and techno music, a common project arises for the love and need of a circular economy.
While fashion’s future is uncertain, the past establishes its root.
Thanks to Amai’s collecting and Carlos’ minimalism, 8 Vintage was born. Reusing, repairing, giving an umpteenth life to something are the a-b-c of this creative duo.
Each selected piece of clothing tells, like all vintage / second-hand clothing does, a story, a life, a memory and a style. It only depends on the way and game of combining for an immediate transportation to an era or a form of expression.
And since fashion means Art, with Endless, their second clothing line, they give all these already used beautiful clothes, a new life by hand painting, embroidering, and taking advantage of fabric stocks. If reality doesn’t convince you, try turning it upside down, like Duchamp did with his famous urinal. They did that with their 8 logo transforming it into an ∞ infinite symbol, so, this is Endless!
Let’s forget about the idea of discarding what we do not like or bores us, instead of seeing it with another look and make something original, something really us!
Life is too short, so dress as there is no tomorrow and remember that sustainability is our collective commitment, but over all, and never forget this. Don’t look back on anger, look back on vintage!